Touchdown, Surabaya (English)

After I get down from a roughly 5 hours train ride from Yogyakarta to Surabaya, I finally arrived to my 8th province in my travelling list, East Java, with Surabaya as the capital. Continue reading “Touchdown, Surabaya (English)”


10 Things I Prepared for my First EVER Hostel Stay! (English)

I can’t believe the fact that I will be travelling for 2 weeks all alone!

Hostel itself is a cheaper version of Hotel, where I will be staying in a room with other people, depending on how many beds are available inside the room. The separation of gender in some hostels are also different, some hostels mixed both genders inside the room, while some other hostels separates both genders into their own room. There is also a private room available for 2 person, but because I am going for solo travelling, I will be staying in the room with the most beds (usually 10-12 beds)

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A Second Chance! (English)

“What is my passion?”

The question that most people asked themselves after they graduated from the university, fearing to fail the standard of “living the dream” that has been set by the public.

If I want to ask myself the same question, what is my passion? Continue reading “A Second Chance! (English)”

Big Decision and Big Announcement! (English)

As months has passed, there will be a certain times when you are at the point with seriously nothing interesting to write about.

Since I’ve been living quite a boring live for few weeks, it’s hard for me to keep up with updating my blog with an informative yet interesting story. Continue reading “Big Decision and Big Announcement! (English)”

Happy New Year 2018!

First of all, I would love to thank everyone for the enormous loves and supports from the first day I started my blogging journey until now.

Five months have passed and with thirty-three (33) stories published along the way, lessons learned and experiences gained.

January 2018, the beginning of my 6th’s month as a story teller for everyone out there, connected through the internet, with a goal to prove myself that I can do more than what I think I am capable of.

It’s all in the matter of perception, what you and everyone think about yourself is not going to define who you really are, at least that’s what I’m going to prove in seven months (5th of August 2018).

Happy New Year 2018!

– Ferry William (Medan, 1st of January 2018)


Samosir Island: Non-Halal’s Paradise (English)

Caution: This article is going to explain about the deliciousness of pork dishes in Samosir Island.

While trying to absorb all the beautiful sceneries in mind, one other thing that I was looking for during my trip to Samosir is the food. Continue reading “Samosir Island: Non-Halal’s Paradise (English)”