Behind the Beauty of Teletubbies Hill

Teletubbies Hill is a beautiful, green hill located on Samosir Island, this story actually happened in November 2017.

One thing I am disappointed about Teletubbies Hill is the people (in this case, the local Indonesian, not the local from Samosir), whom held some kind of tourism promotional event on the hill, but when they were finished the event, they eventually forgot about the trash they left behind (yes, just think positively that they forgot, not that they don’t want to clean their mess, or else it will be much harder to forgive them)

Guess who cleaned their mess? A German citizen, who decided to brought a place at Samosir Island and called it their home. They even asked the local kids to help them. Even though Indonesia is not their country, they’re much more Indonesian than the local Indonesian whom claimed that they love Indonesia.

That night, a majority of rooms were booked by the Ministry of Tourism and the representative from the Ministry of Tourism came to us to do some survey regarding the tourism in Samosir. I totally forgot to ask whether the earlier event at the Teletubbies Hill was their event, but I was being totally honest with the survey, especially on the part regarding the poor awareness of the government and the locals to improve Samosir’s tourism.


Malang and It’s Beautifully Dangerous Villages (Bahasa Indonesia)

Setelah menghabiskan 2 malam di Surabaya, saya pun melanjutkan perjalanan saya ke Kota Malang, sekitar 2 jam dengan menggunakan kereta api. Dari stasiun Gubeng di Surabaya, kereta api dijadwalkan untuk berangkat pukul 7.30 pagi dan sampai di kota Malang pukul 9.30. Malang merupakan sebuah kota yang terletak sekitar 93 km dari Surabaya dengan temperatur yang cukup sejuk dibandingkan kota Surabaya, dengan alamnya yang indah dan makanannya yang enak-enak.

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Malang and It’s Beautifully Dangerous Villages (English)

After spending two nights at Surabaya, I continued my journey to Malang, around one and a half hour by train. From Surabaya Gubeng Station, the train is scheduled to leave Surabaya at 7.30am and will be arriving Malang at 9.30am. Malang is a city located around 93 km from Surabaya with a mild temperature, it’s beautiful nature and culinary paradise. Continue reading “Malang and It’s Beautifully Dangerous Villages (English)”

A Second Chance! (Bahasa Indonesia)

“What is my passion?”

Passion: keinginan dan antusiasme yang kuat untuk sesuatu.

Pertanyaan yang paling sering ditanyakan orang-orang setelah lulus dari universitas, karena takut tidak dapat menyesuaikan pekerjaan dan kehidupan dengan standar yang sudah ditetapkan oleh masyarakat masa kini.

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A Second Chance! (English)

“What is my passion?”

The question that most people asked themselves after they graduated from the university, fearing to fail the standard of “living the dream” that has been set by the public.

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Happy New Year 2018!

First of all, I would love to thank everyone for the enormous loves and supports from the first day I started my blogging journey until now.

Five months have passed and with thirty-three (33) stories published along the way, lessons learned and experiences gained.

January 2018, the beginning of my 6th’s month as a story teller for everyone out there, connected through the internet, with a goal to prove myself that I can do more than what I think I am capable of.

It’s all in the matter of perception, what you and everyone think about yourself is not going to define who you really are, at least that’s what I’m going to prove in seven months (5th of August 2018).

Happy New Year 2018!

– Ferry William (Medan, 1st of January 2018)